...through the looking glass

Angelo A. Mazzotti

“If 7 maids, with 7 mops, swept it for 1/2 a year,
do you suppose – the Walrus said – that they could get it clear?”
“I doubt it” said the carpenter, and shed a bitter tear.
(Lewis Carrol)

MA in Mathematics and PhD in Operations Research (University of  Rome “La Sapienza”), Angelo has 25 years experience as a Mathematics teacher. In the meantime he has published two papers on polycentric curves and the book All Sides to an Oval (2014 and 2019, Springer ed.). He always enjoyed inventing word games and social games for parties, and eventually patented the table game il Filmimo, in 2006. His game app Polycentrics is being developed by Orionlab and will be available in app stores in autumn 2019. His new table game Contatto! is currently being tested by Ravensburger.


Sophie Püschmann

Dipl.-Ing. in Interior Architecture (University of Art and Design “Burg Giebichenstein” in Halle/Saale), Sophie came to Rome for a year in 2006 to study scenography at the Accademia delle Belle Arti, fell in love with Italian light and culture and eventually came back in 2008. She has worked since as interior architect, graphic designer and game designer, for Italian and German clients and companies. In 2019 she founded Gammagraphics together with Angelo A. Mazzotti.